The real estate industry is known for its gimmickry, and is ripe for internet hucksters who put their own twist on it.

SD_Coastal sent in this latest attempt – an internet-referral company who has realtors who will discount their commission by 50%.  Towards the end they slip in that you have to sell AND buy a house to get the package deal:

1.  This is one of the most important decisions of your life – choosing a realtor solely based on their commission structure during a frenzied-up market is asking for trouble.

2.  The real estate industry doesn’t want to help you figure it out – rarely do you see any guidance on how to select a realtor from those in the business.

3.  If you only ask one question of your realtor-candidates, ask how many homes they have sold this year.  It is by far the best gauge to determine if they have adequate experience with navigating these choppy waters, and can help you too.

Don’t ask a yes or no question – ask specificially “HOW MANY SALES?”, and if they have closed at least one sale per month then they something to offer – and it would be smart to ask more questions to find out what.

4.  Most every agent will offer you a package deal if you sell-then-buy, but you’ll probably have to ask for it.

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