Last night was College Information Night – here’s what we learned:

California’s college system was designed to offer a multi-tiered program.

UC Schools

The ten UC schools educate the top 10% of California’s high school graduates.

  • Incoming freshmen at UCSD averaged a 4.07 GPA this year.
  • The average SAT score was 1991.
  • The total cost (tuition, room & board, and books) is approx $31,500/yr.
  • 67% of the UCSD incoming freshmen are from California.

Ninety percent of the overall UC student population is from California.

At UCSD, the most popular majors chosen by this freshman class are biology, economics, computer science and engineering, chemistry, and mechanical and aerospace engineering.

California State Universities

The 23 CSUs are for the next 30% of high-schoolers.

  • Incoming freshmen at SDSU averaged a 3.79 GPA this year
  • Their average SAT score was 1144, and average ACT was 25.
  • The total cost is approx $25,500 per year.

California Community Colleges System

There are 112 community colleges for the remaining high school graduates, and completing a two-year program there and transferring to a four-year college is a viable alternative.


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