I’ve received emails regarding the previous post about the comment section:


I appreciate the well-wishes, and have a few thoughts:

I intend to keep this going. I don’t think the format will change much, but hopefully I can upgrade the content.  There are some specific reasons that change is necessary:

A. Foreclosures in general have dried up, limiting my video tours.  I need to come up with more/better/different video content to supplement the expected trickle of foreclosures.

B. The inventory has dried up.  An obvious solution here – get more listings.

Business has been good – we’re on track to at least match our 2010 sales count (2011 was #1 all-time).  My goal is to have a 60/40 ratio of sellers to buyers, and year-to-date I’m at 55/45.  But I don’t have the confidence that the momentum will automatically continue, and want to spend more time on it.

From what people have said, it’s not that obvious that I produce this website with the intention of attracting clients.  While I am flattered that some think I would do this just because I’m a nice guy, it’s not the reason.  I hope to demonstrate that I have a qualified skill set that enables my buyers and sellers to not have to settle for just any old results, but to score big.  You see me here at all hours of the day, seven days a week giving it everything I got – that’s what it takes.

There have already been objections to me acting like a salesman, but it’s what I am, and why I’m here – to sell houses.  I hope to tactfully weave future stories from the street into engaging lessons for all to enjoy while using them to show why I am a good candidate to be your agent.  I think I can make some more-obvious attempts without going too far – so hang with me as I search for the balance.

If you stick with me, this is what you’ll see here:

1. Videos and stories about actual happenings in the NSDCC real estate market.

2. More JtR listings, and clarification on my services offered.

3.  Occasional filler like you saw today – general stuff.

The market transparency isn’t improving.  Other wesbites have slowed or shut down altogether, and it’s primarily because the market is tough, and blogs take time.  I want to do my part in keeping the transparency up, and hopefully generate a little business in return.  Hang with me!

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