You may have noticed that the comment section has been turned off.

Since our local market has been fairly stable for the last three years, I think we have survived the worst of the bubble conditions, and it is time to move on.

From the beginning, my intention has been to inform buyers and sellers about the local market conditions, and demonstrate why I would be a good choice to be your realtor.  I want to narrow the focus of this website to just those ideals.

Wouldn’t the comment section contribute?  The comments are wide-ranging, and deserve full discussion – and there are other websites that provide a better format to explore all the angles.  I am going to spend all of my time selling houses, and documenting the experience here so you can see what is happening on the street.  The twitter account will track the general real estate topics.

I read each of the comments as they came in, and think that they were invaluable in getting us through the bubble years.  I am grateful for your participation and insight – thank you!

(The 84 in spam are 9-days-worth, and most were sent by the bots)

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