(Senatobia, MS) Terry Jordan, of Tate County Mississippi,  quickly fell in love with a home in Senatobia. It was a foreclosure and needed a lot of work.  Her husband had just lost his job. He was going to fix it up and sell it for a profit to help them while they got through a tough time.

Jordan says she visited the home three times, her realtor taking the keys out of the lockbox on the door, and she went through an act of sale.  She says she immediately got to work, spending thousands of dollars.

“I have had a new roof put on, new electrical in it, I have had plumbing done to it,” said Jordan.

She had the property surveyed, after seeing records at City Hall that didn’t look quite right. After the survey she learned the bad news from her realtor.

“She’s like I don’t know how to tell you this but we might have sold you the wrong house,” said Jordan. Just to the right of the home she thought she bought was another one, it’s seems that’s the one that was supposed to be sold, the one she legally bought.

The home was listed by Bob Leigh Realtors.  A representative told us the mortgage company gave them misinformation. We contacted the company’s namesake with no luck.

Ms. Jordan says she’s been waiting for a solution for months, and she’s spent money fixing a house she doesn’t even own.

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