As I contemplate recommendations for the NAR president (your thoughts are encouraged!), it should be obvious to him that the real estate industry is advancing with, or without, the help of realtor organizations.

Here’s an interesting website that agents have been using lately: www.kazork.com – shouldn’t NAR be blazing this trail?

Mission Statement

Transparency, simplicity and freedom.

What is Kazork

Kazork is a Software as a Service (SaaS) used by real estate agents, home sellers and homebuyers to complete online real estate transactions. Users registered on Kazork complete transactions anywhere in the world. Kazork does not list or sell real estate. Kazork is simply a SaaS for users to conduct their own real estate transactions online.

Kazork Objective

To provide home sellers, homebuyers, real estate agents and other real estate professionals the ability to complete simple, efficient, paperless and transparent online real estate transactions.


Kazork benefits everyone involved in a real estate transaction. If you are a real estate agent, Kazork streamlines and simplifies the offer submission process by greatly reducing paperwork, hassle and secrecy. If you are a buyer, Kazork allows you to view all other offers on the table, which creates more prudent decision making. If you are a seller, Kazork simply determines the highest and best offer for your property in the shortest amount of time. Kazork allows everyone to complete a transparent real estate transaction in a quick, easy and transparent method.

When was the last time you saw the NAR come out with anything innovative, if ever?


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