Currently there are 451 contingent and pending detached listings in North San Diego County Coastal.

Last year there were 576 detached closings in the 4th quarter – if we can close 500+ this year, it would be a success in my mind.  There are enough buyers, but there isn’t enough good inventory. There are 1,482 active listings, with an average market time of 122 days.

Rather than lowering their OPT price, sellers will be cancelling listings like crazy over the next 30-60 days – and take their chances again next year:

From wiki – San Clemente Island:

The U.S. Navy acquired the island in 1934. It is the Navy’s only remaining ship-to-shore live firing range and is the center of the integrated air/land/sea San Clemente Island Range Complex covering 2,620 nm² (8,990 km2).

During World War II, the island was also used as a training ground for amphibious landing craft. These small to mid-sized ships were crucial to the island hopping that would be required to attack any of the islands occupied by the Japanese.

It is an active sonar base and has a $21 million simulated embassy for commando training.

There is also a U.S. Navy rocket-test facility on San Clemente. Some Polaris-program test rockets were launched from San Clemente between 1957 and 1960. The aborted SEALAB III project took place off San Clemente in February 1969.

The U.S. Navy also uses the island as an auxiliary naval airfield: Naval Auxiliary Landing Field San Clemente Island. The main runway 23/05 is used for carrier training by the Navy. Other branches also use this airfield, including the United States Coast Guard. Pilots that use this airfield find it to be one of the most demanding airbases in the United States; it is known for its high winds and dangerous terrain that surrounds the runway.

The airfield is also home to the United States Navy SEALs training facilities located north of the runways.

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