Typical realtors expect buyers to pay the seller’s price.

They don’t like conflict, they struggle with valuations, they aren’t professional salespeople, and they get pushed around by the sellers and/or other agents.  Because they aren’t that good at handling their end, they just expect you to pony up.  This goes for listing agents, and many, if not most, buyer’s agents.

I’m a fighter, and a precision guy.  Not only am I going to stand up for my client’s price (seller or buyer), I justify it in writing to back it up.  Not many realtors do that.

I just heard this from another agent, and want to run it by you:

“I’m not that concerned with what my buyers pay, because in 7-10 years it won’t matter.”

How would you characterize that statement?

A.  More expected psycho-babble from money-grubbing realtors.

B.  Weak – misses the point of fiduciary duty.

C.  Mathematically it doesn’t sound like much but over time it adds up.

D.  In an appreciating market, it wouldn’t matter, but…..

E.  She’s right, it won’t matter – years later most people can’t remember their exact sales price.

F.  It’s only money – the enjoyment/benefit from raising the family is what matters more.

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