There were quite a few rumblings yesterday about how April sales were down 9.2% in Southern California, with this justification – from the

“Sales have been far below average for quite a while and there’s little doubt there’s pent-up demand out there. But too many people still aren’t in the mood or in a position to buy,” DataQuick President John Walsh said. “They might be concerned about prices falling more, or can’t qualify for a loan.”

The ivory-tower types keep offering general ideas for the malaise, but around here the demand is strong – there’s just not enough sellers willing to get their price right.

April’s detached sales in North San Diego County Coastal:

Year Sales Avg. $/sf SP:LP DOM
2010 230 $375/sf 96%
2011 232 $373/sf 95%

Buyers are worried about more foreclosures and falling prices, but it’s not stopping them from buying if they can just find the right house, at the right price.

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