Hat tip to RE for sending along this U-T article describing a big mistake that often happens – buyers closing escrow with the occupants still residing in the house. 

Verify the house is vacant before closing!

Ed Struiksma, the onetime San Diego councilman and acting mayor, has been flying mostly under the radar in the two decades since he left office. A dozen years ago, a U-T story said he was dabbling in diamonds (import-export). Four years ago, he was spokesman for the San Diego Auto Connection and its tent sales at Qualcomm Stadium.

Two years ago, a Wall Street Journal story had him the victim of an “advance fee scheme” by a loan company collecting nonrefundable deposits. Struiksma said he wanted a loan to buy land for a housing development. Now, it appears, Struiksma has new housing troubles.

According to David Potts, Struiksma has “filed bankruptcy in an effort to avoid eviction” from the Coto de Caza house Potts purchased earlier this year after the bank foreclosed on Struiksma.

Potts says he first agreed to help Struiksma by allowing him to occupy the house until Oct. 28, and a legal document to that effect was signed by Struiksma in September. But, he says, Struiksma has since refused to leave, with his bankruptcy filing delaying his eviction. (Struiksma didn’t responded to my messages left on his answering machine.) Meanwhile, Potts has commenced to take the story public by laying it all out on a website called evict-struiksma.com.


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