One Baltimore homeowner has found a way to make her message resonate across the nation, and also get her into the office of Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.  

Unlike many homeowners who are facing foreclosure, Lauren Rymer has been steadily employed since well before she purchased her home in 2006, and only fell behind on her mortgage payments when her property taxes increased 55% in two years. But similar to many homeowners in default, she was unable to qualify for a loan modification or to refinance her interest-only loan.

With her home less than 45 days from foreclosure, she started a hunger strike Monday outside her state Capitol to protest not just potentially losing her own home, but also the structural problems in the industry:

Although Rymer might not get to stay in the house on which she still owes  more than $200,000, she’s hoping she can at least negotiate to avoid foreclosure by handing over the deed in lieu of foreclosure.

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