Pemeliza already took a couple of swings this morning, here’s the first:

JTR, I know you don’t cover Mission Hills much but here is a new short sale listing in my neighborhood at more than 50% off the 2007 price.  It also has the modern clean look and I think it is a great deal at the asking price of 1M. 

His other was:

There are many properties on the market priced 10% lower than the prior comp and are still sitting on the market….

I haven’t seen any listings priced 10% under the prior comp and not selling.  If you have examples, I’d like to see them – I have buyers!  I have a client that sends over low sales occasionally, and every time they’re examined, there is a reason – bad condition, inside deal, etc.

If anyone knows of under-market listings, leave them in the comment section – let’s take a look!

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