Here’s a crazy idea when thinking about what high school to choose for your kids.  What colleges will be in the running?

Between the intense competition and budget cutbacks, you can’t just stroll into a UC campus with any old HS grades – heck, you need a 3.50 GPA just to get into many majors at San Diego State! 

Should you consider an easier high school, in order for your kids to get a higher GPA – and increase the college choices?

Wifey thinks this thought is preposterous – of course you send the kids to the best high school available.  But in this budget-conscious era, if you want to get into the best colleges, the 4.0 GPA might be required – especially if you have young kids, and are looking at 5-15 years from now.

The thought of glossy high schools doing a better job preparing kids for college with more-rigorous school work makes sense, but if good HS grades are tougher to come by, and a lower GPA occurs, it could make getting into a top college harder, not easier.

At the upper-echelon high schools, there is also some peer pressure to attend a big-time college, when you hear others around you are going to Harvard, MIT, Cal, and Stanford.  The budget cutbacks at big-time schools will likely continue – did you see where Cal dropped it’s baseball program this week, after 100+ years of existence and winning two national championships?

Should the difficulty of getting into the best colleges be considered when choosing a high school? 

By the way, on the thought that Cathedral Catholic HS  is full of rich kids; they do reach out to the community – at least one-quarter of those enrolled are on scholarship.


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