The number of properties making it to the court house steps is on the rise – there has been a 50% increase roughly in SD County trustee-sales since the end of June (from 200 to 300).  It’s still a pittance, however, compared to the 14,493 properties in default in San Diego County:

San Diego County Trustee-Sale Results, Weekly


The SFR trustee sales in the North SD County Coastal region have been fairly steady however – no big spikes yet. There has been an average of seven SFRs foreclosed per week over the last 12 weeks (avg of 2 of 7 bought by third-parties), even though there are 608 on the NOD/NOT lists. Are servicers trying to squeak out every last loan mod they can find, or deliberately holding back?

North San Diego County Coastal Trustee-Sale Results, SFRs-only:

It appears that the servicers are managing the drip very carefully for the higher-end properties, but if there are any surges, you’ll see them here!

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