Tom Tarrant is a San Diegan who moved to San Antonio to remodel and sell historic houses while waiting out the California Real Estate Collapse.  He has a great blog with videos about the details of home remodeling, selling flippers, and snippets about Texas!

I asked Tom about featuring him here, and how it all came together. He responded, “There were alot of California investors flipping and parking cash here in rentals in 2007-2008. I think Bruce Norris was writing about moving your money to Texas around that time. The local realtors had a hayday selling multiple properties to them so it was a mini bubble in its own way. Now its slowed down a bit, but all in all SA’s managed to escape most of the national housing mess. Most of the California investors are now gone or it seems cashing out to move their money back but thats o.k. with us as there is less competition on the fixer uppers.”

A link to his blog (scroll down to the beginning):

Tom Tarrant – Adventures in House Flipping

An excerpt, with links to two of his videos:

tomturrant1The Hat Trick House is finally done and officially on the market and in MLS. We’ve had a swarm of buyers throughout the rehab and 3 great offers before it was even finished. We went 9% over budget but luckily our estimated sales price is surprisingly up 25% due to market conditions! Our list price is $359,000, this will be the highest sale in our area and set a new high comp if it sells for that price. My wife and I staged the house and it’s all ready for an advertised open house this Saturday. We already had one showing today, one scheduled for tomorrow morning and an agent that sold another one of our properties (The Abandonded House) just called and her “picky” client found it today on and wants to see it. The agent from our first showing today said the master bedroom closet alone would sell the house. Really?

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