Nick asked,

“Jim where can you find up to date info on trustee sale dates and houses involved for the San Diego Area?” has been the most efficient website for us, because they keep it updated – changes are usually recorded the same day. 

You can access our free version of it at the top-right corner of this blog, at “Foreclosures”. 

If you want more specific data on each property, it’ll prompt you to send an inquiry, and we’ll ship you the full package.  It’s done manually and I’ve gotten behind and missed a few in the past, but we’re on it now. 

If you wanted to spend $50 per month, you can get full access by subscribing directly to

Here are the 469 SFRs on the auction list with a sale date coming up in the next 45 days between Carlsbad and La Jolla (link below). 

North SD County Coastal SFR Auction List Dec 27th + 45 days

Cardiff = 21

Carlsbad = 204

Carmel Valley = 43

Del Mar = 14

Encinitas = 98

La Jolla = 53

RSF = 21

Solana Beach = 15

Even if you don’t want to buy all-cash at the court house steps, this list makes for a good reference point – if you are thinking of buying a specific property, you should search nearby streets for other looming foreclosures that are in the works.

Let’s also note that in the same area there are 3,785 SFRs that are on the NOD list too.  It’ll be very interesting to see how many actually get foreclosed or cancelled in 2010!


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