Congratulations to Nathan, the winner of the Chargers playoff tickets!

He guessed there would be 8,457 active listings of attached and detached homes on the MLS.


Today there are 8,608 active listings!

December, 2008 the average amount of homes for sale was 15,116.

On August 11th there were 11,457 active listings in SD County.

On September 22nd there were 8,149 active listings, and it looked like CA renter would win again if inventory continued to taper off.  But it didn’t!


On September 22nd there were 11,011 pendings, and today there are 10,313 pendings. 

Just a pause before the Spring Kick?  Or more downdraft ahead?

I don’t have the inventory-per-day stats, but in November, 2008 there were 4,248 new listings inputted onto the MLS, with the list prices averaging $271/sf. 

Last month there were only 3,546 new listings, and they averaged $279/sf. 

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