House of LoveThe REO in the village of Carlsbad finally listed today.

The list price? $601,900.

I mentioned that my BPO was $599,900, but the video must have been powerful.  Of the record 92 guesses, only 19 were under $600,000, and 20 were OVER $700,000!

I appreciate the optimism, and it’s a direct contrast to prior contests when most guesses were well below the eventual sales price. 

I’m hoping this doesn’t get too out of control, because I just received my latest quarterly scorecard, and got ripped again for selling them too high.  Every category had a perfect score except BPO:SP, which equaled 114%.  They dinged me for 35% for missing so badly!

The contest was to guess the sales price, and the winner to receive a slightly-used bubbleinfo t-shirt and prize-to-be-named-later.  Guesses are in the comments section, and here is the original video:–aYtaV8

Here is the link for more photos:

Open House Sunday 10/25, Richard will be there 12-4pm.

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