In case you didn’t catch it in other places…..

Bank of America’s statement about their foreclosures/REOs:

  • Foreclosure sales have been abnormally low since we learned of the pending implementation of the administration’s Making Home Affordable program. From that point, we delayed the initiation of foreclosure proceedings and sales for customers that may eligible for a loan modification under MHA. As a result of this policy, our foreclosure sales in recent months have been as little as half the normal pace we experienced before.
  • Until a foreclosure is completed, Bank of America continues to exhaust every possible option to qualify customers for modification or other solutions.
  • Now that Making Home Affordable programs are operational, we do project an increase in foreclosures as we exhaust every available option to qualify customers for modifications and other solutions.
  • While we have very strong loan modification programs now available, unfortunately, these foreclosure projections reflect the increasing number of customers who will not qualify for loan modification because they have suffered major life events servicers can’t solve…primarily unemployment and underemployment.
  • We do not hold foreclosed properties off the market. The vast majority of mortgages serviced by Bank of America are owned by third-party investors. We have an obligation to them to prepare foreclosed properties for market and sell them as efficiently as possible.
  • People still talk about the banks are holding properties off the market for accounting purposes, let’s please note the last paragraph.  The banks don’t own that much of the paper.

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