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In August 2007 there were over 20,000 homes for sale, and today there are 11,457:



Causing sellers to be more optimistic with their list prices recently:



Though with 22,462 houses and condos on foreclosureradar’s list of NODs, NOTs, and REOs, there has to be relief ahead, doesn’t there?  Typically in January we see the low inventory count for the year, before the spring kick. 

Let’s use the active inventory as one of our primary indicators.

We’ve seen over the last few months how frenzied up buyers can get when there are few homes for sale.  If we head into the 2010 spring kick with an ultra-low inventory and decent interest rates, it’s going to be off to the races.

If there is a surge of REOs over the next six months, and we head into the spring with a bloated inventory, then we could slog along.

We’ll probably know where we stand by the holidays. 

Housingtracker’s average for last December was 15,116 homes for sale, and today’s count is 11,457 listings. 

If the active inventory is rising by the holidays, then trouble is brewing, because normally the inventory declines towards year-end.  If there are fewer homes on the market in December than there are today, then the spring kick should be lively – any increase in REO inventory could correspond with the usual seasonal boost.

Where do you think we’ll be?

Guess how many attached and detached active listings there will be on the morning of December 1st, and the closest guesser will receive two tickets to a Chargers game!

We’ll have an instant winner too – the best explanation for a guess will receive four Padres tickets for Saturday August 22nd vs. Cardinals at 7:05pm!

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