Bizzle wondered about the all-cash buyers.

Did they cash out at the top, and have been patiently bubble-sitting?  Out-of-towners?  Generational money shift (inheritance, before or after death)? or move-up or down?

In the previous post, some of the examples were marked as cash buyers by the listing agent, but their tax rolls haven’t been updated yet (Rancho Costero, Via Conquistador, Valerio Trail, and Lynwood).

But we can check out the others, and add a few that weren’t previously sold at the peak.

OUT-OF-TOWNERS (2) The buyers of Camino del Orchidia and Meadows Del Mar showed no previous history owning or selling in San Diego County, so let’s assume that they are out-of-towners (not first-timers).

MOVE-DOWNERS (1) The buyers who paid $1,130,000 for Skyline moved from Solana Beach.  They had paid $1,300,000 for a house on the east-side of Pacific in 2000, and sold it last month for $2,100,000, using the same agent from Skyline – nice package deal.  Their loan was around $800,000, so they transferred their equity to Carlsbad and were able to lose the payment.

Here are other homes purchased recently by all-cash buyers:

782 Sparta, Encinitas, 92024

5 br/4.5 ba 3,454 sf

YB: 2002

Monthly fees = $261

SP: $910,000  9/02 new

SP: $1,435,000  6/09

MT: 178 days

One-story former model home on 3/4-acre lot in Leucadia.  These all-cash buyers are long-time owners of a smaller house in Mission Hills that isn’t on the market, and wasn’t refinanced.  They used the Mission Hills address on the tax roll, so they must be planning on keeping it.  Flippers?  No way, we’ll call this one:

GENERATIONAL (1) ………(buying a house for parents or kids?)


5258 Greenwillow, San Diego 92130

5 br/5 ba, 3,496sf

YB: 1999

Monthly fees = $133

SP: $751,000  7/98 new

SP: $1,325,000  6/09

MT: 87 days

These sellers had listed for $1.595 million and came down pretty quick, so their $1.2 loan might have been a motivator.  The cash buyer has a Scottsdale address, and it looks to be in the Troon area, so he has/had some dough.  Buyers don’t always put their future address on their tax questionaire, so we’re not sure if this is an out-of-towner coming to join us permanently, or a



4616 Wellston, San Diego 92130

5 br/3.5 ba 3,909sf

YB: 1992

Monthly fees: $178

SP: $684,500  6/92

SP: $1,590,000  7/09

MT: 36 days

This cash buyer had just purchased another slightly smaller house (200sf) in Carmel Valley in January, 2007 for $1,280,000…..all-cash, and hasn’t refinanced.  We’ll call this a

MOVE UP (#1)


5833 Meadows Del Mar, San Diego 92130

5 br/5 ba, 5,942 sf

YB: 2004

Monthly fees = $437

SP: Custom built by seller

SP: $2,558,500  7/09

MT: 55 days

The seller’s $2.4 million loan may have played a part in this one too, because  the 60 ft.- wide lots don’t seem to bother folks in Meadows Del Mar.  The buyer had purchased his previous residence in 2003, and a rental in 2004, both in Carmel Valley, and didn’t refinance either to buy, so we’ll call this a

MOVE UP (#2)


There are a variety of cash buyers, and reasons for buying.  Where does the money come from?  We can only make a case for one of the seven above that it came from their previous residence, but there were probably some real estate-related investments that led to some of the equity used – just not other houses sold right around here.


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