You keep hearing about the fury of activity in lower-end areas like Oceanside, here’s a video of the REO that hit the MLS a week ago at 4773 Sequoia.

It had been assigned to me in September, but it took six months to get the tenant out. He was an active-duty Marine who said he’d take the cash-for-keys, then changed his mind and chose the full eviction instead. The appraisal got kicked around for a couple of months, and well, here we are.

This will be a case where the delay probably helped the cause, because currently there is such a shortage of decent homes under $200,000 that buyers are swarming.

This is a video compilation of four clips, the first two are intros to tie together what you’ve seen in the past to this property, and the last clip is another new listing in the same neighborhood:

The new Webbie videocam doesn’t do that well in these smaller houses, but now I know.

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