People ask all the time, where are the buyers coming from, and what is motivating them?

Yesterday in a couple of comments mentioned that people are tired of waiting, and want to settle down with their families.

But there will always be the get-rich-quick crowd.

Robert Allen is coming to San Diego May 31 through June 3rd, appearing at four different hotels.  He has been a well-known real estate speaker for years, and controverial.

His pitch from his full-page ad in the U-T:

“IT’S PULL THE TRIGGER TIME for real estate investors and first-time homebuyers.  The tides are turning in today’s real estate market.  Killer deals around every corner.  The time to act is now. Discover how to profit safely with my exclusive moneymaking real estate strategies engineered for today’s market.”

But there are many complaints about the guy.  His main objective is to sell books and tapes, and enroll you into the next program. 

This from Ripoff Reports, a quote from someone who signed up for the 3-day course:

Each day they would bait the hook and drop the line about the importance of purchasing the Executive Package Program (regular 12,680.00, class special 6,995.00) and if you want to protect yourself in the U.S., then the J.J. Childers Wealth Library (regular 2,835.00, class special 1,835.00), as well as furthering you knowledge with classes. The pressure was intense, these people are very good at what they do, and would make a telemarketer blush with their tactics. Succumbing to the pressure, I signed up for both products and gave over my Visa number. The class was done, everyone bid their good byes and we went off to seek our fame and fortune.

The person went on to cancel the program, and eventually received his money back.  But then he was hounded for weeks by different pitchmen to buy other programs, one costing $22,000 for one-on-one tutoring!

Here’s a link to the full report:


Are some of today’s buyers coming juiced up from real estate seminars like this?

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