Lucky me!

This week I’ll be with our daughter Natalie on her 6th grade trip to Astro Camp in Idyllwild.  I’ll be back Friday, and in the interim Donna, Richard, and crew will be handling the business as usual.

The last time we went on a real vacation was August, 2007, and during that week the mortgage industry meltdown began – what will happen this week? 

And most importantly, who’ll be minding the blog?

I’ll leave you with this short youtube from Encinitas.  The first house is an REO listed for $479,900 that has several offers on it, and was marked pending on Friday.  The second house is the closed comp, and the third house just listed for $551,000.  The video ends abruptly when the memory card runs out, but you’ll get the idea – will house #3 be able to benefit from the other two, price-wise?

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