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Posted by on Aug 8, 2018 in About Kayla, Jim's Take on the Market, Kayla Training, Listing Agent Practices, Realtor | 8 comments | Print Print

Kayla and Manhattan RE

Selling homes in Manhattan is competitive, even without a central MLS run by the realtor board.  Once an agent uploads a listing onto their company system, it gets distributed immediately to the regular portals StreetEasy (owned by Zillow),, etc. where agents and consumers access the same data.

So even though there isn’t an official MLS, there is a commitment to full market exposure, and giving every agent a shot at selling each listing.

William (KK’s new boss) said that if agents were keeping listings in-house, then the Manhattan board of realtors would step in and do something about it.

It’s going to be competitive everywhere, but if every agent was committed to doing what was best for their sellers, then we could all get along nicely.

He also said that it is very rare that they do a home inspection.  There isn’t a requirement for seller disclosures either – it’s up to the buyer’s attorney to include any questions about the property in the contract.

It has been a buyer’s market around Manhattan for the last couple of years.  Maybe a sign of things to come everywhere?

Kayla will start her new job there on August 27th!  I will let her share her experience here as she sees fit, but she couldn’t be more excited to begin this new chapter in her life!



  1. The differences between these two markets is fascinating! Congrats again to Kayla on her big move!

    Thanks for the update, Jim!

  2. You go KK! Setting aside my personal biases Nu Yawk is what you make of it. And you get to root for a football team worse than the Chargers. 😉

    Expecting fascinating reports from the trenches.

  3. Best of luck!

    I don’t think the majority of realtors around here could handle the fast pace of Chicago, let alone NYC which is an even faster pace.

  4. The big question? How long until we see KK on Million Dollar Listing NY?

  5. Congratulations, Kayla! Can’t wait to hear reports from NY (when you have time). You’re going to take NY by storm! For the record, we’re all rooting for you.

  6. When I arrived in NYC, I was a teen, Koch was running the city into the ground, and I was in for the culture shock of my life.

    New Yorker: Hey! Hey you!
    Me: Yes?
    NY: Why you wearin’ flip flops? You ain’t a New Yawkah!
    Me: Oh, yeh. I just move here. I’m from California.
    NY: Oh, O.K. Well, the gay bars are all down in the village, just so ya know.
    Me: I’m not gay.
    NY: But you said you was from California!
    Me: I am, but I’m not gay.
    NY: (Laughs) Whatever you say, man! Whatever you say…
    Me: Okay, well I guess I’ll be on my way. Thank you, officer.
    NY: No problem. Stay outta trouble!
    Me: Thank you. I will!
    NY: And stay out of Central Park at night, especially if you’re not gay!
    Me: Again, thank you.
    NY: Don’t let me see you in there!
    Me: Okay! Thank you! Have a nice day!
    NY: Yeh.

  7. Good luck Kayla! And give us the scoop as to why NYC listings do not list square footage. That has always seemed really bizarro.

  8. Good luck, Kayla! Go get it!!!

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