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  1. Quality at a very fair price, single story, nice view…very relaxed. It seems according to the NY times etc…that there will be a compromise on the new mortgage deduction for newly purchased homes at $750,000 which was one of my earlier predictions. If that holds true even at 10% this house would about qualify for 100% deductibility. Nice place…

  2. Tasteful. Flows. Where do you park the golf cart?

  3. Looks like 10K on property tax deduction and 750K on new home purchases
    are gonna be the law, the real issue is when they take effect…on your property it has little or none…so it might actually increase the interest in it or can be used as marketing tool.

  4. Looks like 10K on property tax deduction…

    And a surprise gift – the state and local income taxes are deductible with property taxes, combined up to the $10,000 limit.

  5. This guy is starting to sound like Dr. Doom:

    At a tax event held by Democrats, Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi said the Republican bill, if enacted, would cause interest rates to rise, meaning the benefits of a lower corporate tax rate would be “completely washed out.”

  6. It seems Fed raised rates again today 1/4 point and indicates is going to continune the trend in 2018…For weeks I have been saying lock and load on that long term mortgage given this move I am now projecting a 5% mortgage rate in late Dec 2018…..Lock and Load if you can NOW on purchase or refi

  7. NAR said last month that its best shot at making changes to the final bill would come during the reconciliation process. The organization spent $32.27 million on lobbying this year through Oct. 21, according to the government watchdog site

  8. probably money well spent if it raised the new home interest deduction from 500K to 750K , which means if you put 20% down your 900K house is fully deductable interest wise, and property tax wise the 10K covers over 1.1 per cent of the tax bill, if 10%n down 825K…NOT bad, the 2 million dollar buyers will not be effected, I.2…still 900K deductible…not as bad effect as the prior bill eliminating all SLT and 500K interest, your property here is GOLD under the new plan..

  9. It should keep the lower-end market red hot – and keep buyers scrambling for more down payment to keep their mortgage at $750,000.

  10. $10,000 combined cap is a lot less onerous than previous versions. It gives cover to the merely well to do in high tax states without giving the break to the truly high income and/or wealthy. Now about that FICA max contribution cap. Needs to go. Doesn’t matter fair or unfair. The math cannot be denied. Same for the ongoing gradual increase in full retirement benefits.

    Then we can address government retirement benefits.

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