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  1. It would appear to be a great price based on land value alone. Couldn’t the road noise be mitigated by setting a new house towards the back of the lot and planting a LOT more trees, etc.?

  2. The Art Jury is sensitive to altering any existing slopes, so you might end up at the bottom of the hill before finding enough of a flat spot, plus the septic & leach field need room below that too.

    I think this needs a stilt guy.

  3. I’m guessing $1,012,500

  4. how much would it cost to gut that house from the paint out? Carpets looks awful. The roof must be pretty old too.Have to do tile or asphalt shingles next go around.

    The road noise would be a deal breaker for me.

    Property is spacious. Would be good for horses I guess. I’m sure your not going to be running a farm there. The neighbors would throw a fit about the stinch.

  5. My Guesstiment is $1,125,000.00.

  6. This market is all about over bidding to win. My guess would be $1,174,000.

  7. Sales Price $1,149,900

  8. I believe your call on the NSDCC market, Jim


  9. My guess would be: 1,050,000.01

  10. It’s the Covenant.

  11. 1.5M, 500k acre, tear down, set new property back off the street.

    boom! livin’ in da ranch!

  12. Seems like it has the right fundamentals for a speculative teardown. I’ll take $1,550,000.76.

  13. My guess, $999,000.00.

  14. Put me down for – $1,375,000.

  15. Looks like a knockdown .I”ll guess $1331000…

  16. Seems like an opportunity to make some “dough”. I will guess $1,280,000.

  17. They`re not making anymore land, better buy now, etc…

  18. Put me down for a straight up $1 220 000 Jim

  19. I’m a Clairemont guy. I’m thinking $550K 🙂

  20. JtR, you are right, the property size in that area will sell it, but necessarily the house.

    I think this will for $982,000, throw in over 50k in reno and it will list for a strong 1.2ish

  21. 1.1 M is my guess.

  22. Been to this property a few times now. Anyone who’d pay over list is a sucker. No takers at trustee sale for $983k for a reason. Road noise is awful, lot is big but mostly unusable, and far from village. 6580 Paseo Delicias was a buy at $1.4. Also an REO, but 5000 sq ft on the golf course, close to village, and in WAY better shape. Also an REO. No comparison. This one’s a scraper with a small building pad. $825k tops, but there’s always a sucker or two that will overbid. I’m holding out hope that common sense prevails….$825k.

  23. I think it will go pretty high… $1,225,000

  24. $1,250,000.00 The Price is Right.

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