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  1. seems like a pretty good value. I wonder how quick it will sell.


  2. hoa of 488 seems steep.

    Are these condos or townhomes?

    With a townhome dont you own the ground underneath? With a condo arent you essentially buying the airspace?

    Does the HOA pay to maintain all those exterior shingles?


  3. DOM = 102, though it will probably sell now.

    Those are condos officially. A townhouse can be a condo, or a PUD, where they own the land too.


  4. So with a condo I guess the association pays for all the repairs on the exterior such as roof and siding?

    With a condo what are the limitations for improvements within the unit?

    Is it basically fair game from the sheetrock out? Like can you change the vanities, cabinets, tub etc but not tear down or change anything under the sheetrock?


  5. You own the airspace – from the paint out. The HOA has to approve exterior changes, but you can remodel inside at will….with permits of course.


  6. awesome jim

    I think in CA we will see a lot more people renting out or selling a portion of their homes in the future. With all the regs on building there wont be enough supply of housing to meet future demand.

    joint tenants:
    Time. Each owner must receive title at the same time.
    Title. Each owner must receive title on the same deed or document evidencing title.
    Interest. Each owner receives the same proportionate and equal share of ownership.
    Possession. Each owner has the identical right of possession.

    Tenants in common:
    Under tenancy in common, the co-owners own undivided interests; but unlike joint tenancy, these interests need not be equal in quantity and may arise at different times. There is no right of survivorship; each tenant owns an interest, which on his or her death vests in his or her heirs or devisee.

    I guess if you try to sell a portion you better know the person buying real well.



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