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  1. I don’t normally care for dark stone bathrooms (or stone baths, period), but I like the upstairs bath with the dark granite and white accents.

  2. The sellers paid cash for it? That doesn’t sound like an arms length transaction.

  3. They moved up to Three Canyons, dropping $1.81 million cash – only to have a neighbor list a similar house 3 days later for $1.2 to $1.5 million and go pending immediately as a stinky short-sale.

    The last previous sale on Three Canyons was $2.225 million on 6/10/10, with six others from the peak era closing higher. The highest was $3,050,000 in October, 2006, which is now the stinky short-sale.

  4. The carpet is dirty and worn, the granite tile looks tacky, and the finish on the bathroom cabinets is worn. Other than the lack of a neighbor overlooking the back yard, I see nothing to distinguish the house. Using the five percent over the last sale approach might not work here.

  5. creepy dentist inspired artwork…

  6. LOL!!! A million for that? A sucker is born every minute. Btw, where are people getting this type of money?

  7. People wonder about CV buyers, so I went a little further than usual here to demonstrate who this guy is. The artwork was a dentistry award, but hard to say if that’s all you need to purchase your next house for $1.81 cash, before selling the old one.

  8. Maybe having two dentists in the family helps

  9. Absurd. Then you wonder why medical insurance costs so much.

  10. $1.5-2.0M neighborhoods in Crazy (Carmel) Valley mostly MD’s (doctors), JD’s (lawyers), or PhD’s. That’s the level of income required to afford those homes. What is surprising to me is how many own multiple homes. If you look in the property tax system (put a high end 92130 street name in) see how many people own 2, 3, or even more homes.

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