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Posted by on May 30, 2010 in Local Flavor, Thinking of Buying? | 7 comments | Print Print

Carlsbad Cancer

Thank you to the number of people who have sent messages regarding the Carlsbad cancer story.

It deserves attention because it’s a disclosure item.

If you are thinking about living in ANY former argicultural area, you should know that pesticides were probably used in the past.

A local community link, and from KPBS:

From the City of Carlsbad:

Some Carlsbad residents have raised concerns over what they believe is a higher than normal rate of cancer in some Carlsbad neighborhoods. The City of Carlsbad has compiled this information from the California State Cancer Registry to help residents understand what is known at this time and where they can go for reliable, factual information.

Is the cancer rate in Carlsbad higher than normal?

Studies done in 2007 and 2008 have not shown an elevated rate of cancer in Carlsbad neighborhoods. Due to concerns raised by local residents, the state has agreed to conduct another study at this time.


  1. I love it when then send reporters with no medical or statistical education to cover stories like this.

    15 cancer cases in a 3-mile radius. So how many people live in that radius and what’s the expected number of cancer cases per that many people?

    “… that he had something like 98% mercury in his system as well as 96% titanium.” What is this kid, the Toxic Avenger?

    Amita Sharma has degrees in “journalism” and “international relations” from USC.

    KPBS is an embarrassment of epic proportions.

  2. Agreed, and typical of MSM these days – low on facts, high on drama.

    The concern deserves a full investigation, but are they going to go door-to-door for dirt samples?

  3. High Voltage Power lines have been suspects in many health cases in the past, back to the ’80s. Suspecting any risk within 1/8 mi radius of high voltage towers could cause concern as increased risk. What was the scientific conclusion regarding high voltage lines? There are many backyards in NSD where the buzzzz can be heard…

    Considering the advances in technology significantly reduce the cost of testing now and ease the ability to test, there’s no reason why any homeowner shouldn’t test their own backyard, and no reason why a potential buyer wouldn’t also test a potential property. (Besides the obvious, that the real estate market is so skewed right now that it requires dozens of offers to land one property, making any such finicky behavior on the part of buyers ridiculous.)

  4. If you are thinking about living in ANY former argicultural area…

    Pretty much everywhere is a former “something” area, and if it wasn’t, there’s probably wildlife about that’ll eat you. 😉

  5. Oh come on, give her a break!

    She is stating why people are concerned…she also clearly states that the government is currently in an information gathering mode!

    True that ANY area that had agriculture had pesticide use in the past, but it is CARLSBAD they are taking a look at right now.

  6. She is stating why people are concerned…she also clearly states that the government is currently in an information gathering mode!

    It would be nice then if she said something other than “98% mercury/96% titanium,” which scientifically is sheer nonsense.

    I think people would be wise to carefully consider what chemicals are/have been used when they buy property adjacent to agricultural land or former agricultural land. Especially if strawberries were produced — you would not believe what farmers have to do to produce those nice big strawberries everyone loves so much. If I were concerned about that, I would worry a LOT more about living next to a golf course. You might ponder what they have to do to make those greens and fairways look so pretty. The answer is chemicals, and lots of them.

    What I would NOT worry about is one particular situation in Carlsbad where there is a reported cluster of cancer cases. These are expected to happen due to random chance. When an epidemiologist reports that there is a statistically significant problem, then you worry, but it seems as though the epidemiologist mentioned in this story isn’t too worried.

    All fluff in that report, no substance.

  7. 98% of what is mercury. I don’t get it. That unit does not compute.

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