Thank you to the number of people who have sent messages regarding the Carlsbad cancer story.

It deserves attention because it’s a disclosure item.

If you are thinking about living in ANY former argicultural area, you should know that pesticides were probably used in the past.

A local community link, and from KPBS:

From the City of Carlsbad:

Some Carlsbad residents have raised concerns over what they believe is a higher than normal rate of cancer in some Carlsbad neighborhoods. The City of Carlsbad has compiled this information from the California State Cancer Registry to help residents understand what is known at this time and where they can go for reliable, factual information.

Is the cancer rate in Carlsbad higher than normal?

Studies done in 2007 and 2008 have not shown an elevated rate of cancer in Carlsbad neighborhoods. Due to concerns raised by local residents, the state has agreed to conduct another study at this time.

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