The local market got off to a hot start in 2024 (January was hot – something to remember in 2025), so it follows that the selling season could conclude sooner than hoped. Let’s use the data to help decide it.

The NSDCC inventory peak of the year has been in mid-July recently:

July 17, 2023: 430

July 25, 2022: 480

July 19, 2021: 392

When we include the Coming Soons, the number of active listings today is 495 which blows right by the high counts of previous years – and we’re not done yet. The actives will be stacking up for another few weeks before sellers get discouraged and give up on 2024.

How about closed sales? They are the best indicator of all.

NSDCC Monthly Sales

The April sales this year will probably be the high point of 2024. There are 169 pendings today, and 117 of those went pending before June 1st so they have a good chance of closing this month. But adding those to the 44 already closed only gives us 161 sales for June.

It’s ok that the peak has come and gone already for this year.

It just means pricing needs to be sharp – sharper than ever – for the duration!

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Jim the Realtor

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