Here’s an example of the transformations we do in our quest to achieve top dollar for our sellers.

The existing hardwoods were acceptable, but the darker cabinets and slate backsplash weren’t going to impress today’s buyers enough to pay top dollar. We decided to reface the cabinets with the usual white shaker doors and drawers, and bring the sizzle with new quartz counters.

The quartz slab was ten feet long, and we needed about 10′ 3″ to reach the floor and be a true waterfall. I made the decision to take a chance. As long as everything else was perfect, I figured no one would NOT buy the house just because it was a little short:

But there was more to it than just being short – it was also two levels, with drywall on the left, and wood on the right.

But I knew an easy fix – have our guy Joe at Oceanside Drywall flatten it out:

All that was left was to finish it off with baseboard, and we’d be done. How hard is that?

There are baseboard guys – it’s what they do every day.

We thought that was who was sent to wrap this up, but when I arrived I found that the hackmaster came instead and rushed it. The buyer was coming to inspect the next day – so I had to get busy. I used some drywall mud to patch up the gaps and imperfections on the left side:

But drywall mud doesn’t stain well so I ran to get matching paint instead:

The right side was a disaster.

Not only was the quarter-round hacked together, but his saw nicked the floor too.

This isn’t what I do, normally, so it took me three hours to make it look acceptable!

If it wasn’t distracting to the eye, then the rest of the finished product should carry me:

It did!

Buyers want more than turnkey – they want to be impressed. They want to know that when their friends and family come to visit, they will be impressed too.

As a result, we go all out!

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