They are only three months into their mega-launch of, and CoStar founder and president Andy Florance is already taking victory laps. He is also the #1 cheerleader for buyers going directly to the listing agent, which will be the end result of all the changes underway. Here’s Andy talking in front of a group of realtors:

Florance said’s “Your Listing, Your Lead” model was the antidote to agent and consumer frustrations, as evidenced by triple-digit traffic growth during Q3 2023 that gave them a contested lead on as the second-most-trafficked residential portal.

“In the rest of the world, when an agent has a listing, their name is on the listing, their phone number is on the listing, and there’s branding happening,” he said to riotous applause. “Only in the United States is it the portals’ brand goes on the listing rather than the agents’ brand. That’s bizarre.”

Although CoStar didn’t reveal its exact plans for Matterport, Florance did outline a plan to capitalize on digital twinning, a term used to describe hyper-realistic 3D listing experiences.

Florance said digital twinning could enable homebuyers to visualize what their current home furnishings would look like in a new home, play with renovation options for a fixer-upper, or walk with a virtual agent through a virtual listing.

“In residential focus groups, homebuyers are telling us that they prefer listings that offer 3D digital twins so that they can best understand the property,” he said. “Adding virtual reality to Matterport, you can take a virtual tour of the property with your virtual agent who will walk into the space with you.

Florance spent a few moments of the call focusing on buyer-broker commissions and reiterated’s potential value when NAR’s settlement terms go into effect this summer. Florance said will give buyers an avenue to directly connect with listing agents to view a home, bypassing the potential pressure to sign a representation agreement before they’re ready.

“Currently only 30 percent of buyer agents ever get a written agreement at any point in the transaction process,” he said. “ connects homebuyers directly with the listing agent, so they can arrange to see the house with no paperwork or commitments.”

“We are increasingly confident in our ability to build out the number one residential marketplace in terms of traffic revenue and profitability in the years ahead,” he added.

CoStar owns LoopNet, the website for commerical listings, as well as which is an online auction house for commercial properties. It won’t be long before they bring auctions to the residential market, will it?

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