Yesterday, it was announced that CoStar is buying Matterport. Excerpts:

I look forward to welcoming Matterport to the CoStar Group family and believe that we will be stronger together, in pursuit of our common mission,” said Andy Florance, Founder and CEO of CoStar Group. “The world has changed and today a Matterport is the new open house or property tour. People now select their next home, apartment, office, store, hotel, or warehouse on their mobile device often without ever visiting the property. There is no better way to remotely experience space than via Matterport. CoStar Group intends to support and invest in research and development opportunities to further develop Matterport’s spatial technology, including the application of AI and machine learning to extract information from the 3D spatial data library as well as using generative artificial intelligence to imagine and reimagine physical spaces.”

CoStar Group operates some of the most effective and widely recognized real estate information solutions and online property marketplaces in the world including, LoopNet, CoStar, and, all of which feature Matterport’s 3D virtual tours.

In March 2024, there were over 7.4 million views of Matterport 3D Tours on, with consumers spending 20% more time viewing an apartment listing when Matterports were available. CoStar Group intends to utilize Matterports in a similar fashion on to further enhance the most comprehensive agent, seller and buyer friendly residential portal on the market.

Great timing! Just when a new rule is going into effect that requires home buyers to hire an agent before touring a home, CoStar will be pushing their 3D tours as a way to experience the home virtually. Buyers who haven’t signed with an agent or those who wish to be unrepresented will have a great tool to use to preview the homes online without commitment.

But then what?

What will happen when a buyer who has only seen the home online wants to buy it?

The renegade buyers will have their attorney draw up a contract. Good luck with presenting that to the listing agent! Others will finally grab an agent friend and comply with the new rule to tour the house in person with their hired buyer-agent.

If you are going to wait until the last minute to hire a buyer-agent, then make sure to check their Zillow profile to see how many buyers they have represented in the last 12 months. It won’t do much good to hire an agent, only to find out the hard way that they aren’t very good at getting buyers to the finish line.

The Unrepresented Buyer

Between the advanced online tools and the realtor implosion, more and more buyers will resist hiring a buyer-agent, especially with the real threat of having to pay them a big fee out of pocket now.

By now, you know where this is going.

More buyers will be going direct to the listing agent – a practice which listing agents will be encouraging!

But the buyers will be divided into two camps.

Those who want to go direct to the listing agent to ‘save the commission’, and those more desperate buyers who just want to buy the house. Guess which one will get the house.

But let’s say there is only one buyer, and he insists on being unrepresented and wants to save the commission. The conversation with the listing agent will go like this:

Buyer: I see you are offering a 2% commission to the buyer-agents, and I’m unrepresented so I want to save the 2%. Will you knock it off the price or give me a credit for closing costs?

Listing Agent: Every buyer has to be represented, sorry.

Buyer: Ok, adios.

Listing Agent: Now hang on, maybe we can work something out. I’ll talk to the seller.

Listing Agent to Seller: I have an offer of $2,940,000 on your $3,000,000 house. Close enough?

Seller: It’s only been 30 days – is that all we got?

Listing agent: Yes, and rates are going up and Trump will be tweeting from jail soon. You should take it.

Seller: Ok, but I want to take my $4,000 toilet.

Listing Agent to Buyer: Ok, I got you the house for $2,940,000.

Buyer: Did you knock 2% off your commission?

Listing Agent: That’s between me and the seller.

The listing agents will be charging their regular commission rate well beyond July when the new rules take effect. They hope more buyers will be coming direct to them to buy their listing. At first, they will want all buyers to have their own representation (dual agency) so they can keep both sides of the commission.

If the buyer wants to be unrepresented, that will be ok too. The listing agent will keep the full commission and just get the seller to eat a little discount instead – and commissions are never disclosed to the buyer.

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