Everyone seems to have a take on the commission lawsuits. This is one of the best:

A way to implement an instant solution within the existing framework is to require that realtors possess a broker’s license, which takes a minimum of two years experience (or a four-year degree with a major/minor in real estate), plus passing EIGHT college-level courses.

Getting a salesperson license only requires a passing score of 70% on a 150-question multiple-choice test after talking a couple of classes. Once licensed, the office trainings are thin and too basic in nature, which unfortunately forces new agents to learn the trade on the backs of their first 100 clients or so.

The commission lawsuits may expedite the retirements of a million realtors, but they aren’t going to solve the problem – convincing the public that they should Get Good Help! Instead, the lawsuits will just keep everyone talking about the same old thing, with no advancement of what’s really best for the consumer.

Ryan tries to make the same point here, and look how fast it deteriorates:

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