A potential retirement spot’s cost of living is often an important consideration for retirees living on a fixed income. While the cost of housing is factored into the overall Best Places to Retire ranking, U.S. News breaks out especially affordable places to retire into its own ranking, including housing affordability and price parity, the ability to afford everyday goods and services.

The 10 Best Affordable Places to Retire in the U.S. in 2024:

  1. Youngstown, Ohio.
  2. Hickory, North Carolina.
  3. Springfield, Missouri.
  4. Brownsville, Texas.
  5. Huntington, West Virginia & Ashland, Kentucky-Ohio.
  6. Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  7. Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
  8. Mobile, Alabama.
  9. Toledo, Ohio.
  10. South Bend, Indiana.

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