Agents will give you all sorts of mumbo-jumbo on why you should hire them, with the most favorite being that they are the “Local Expert”. Agents were local tour-guides before the internet – back when buyers would roll into town and plunk down their $72,500 for a house without knowing too much. But America was more innocent then.

Today, what matters more than anything is whether an agent can get people to the finish line.

If you have a particular agent in mind, all you have to do is input their name here:

Zillow will give you the sales history for any agent in America who has a webpage with them!  Draw your own conclusions, but just seeing how many sales they have closed in the last 12 months is a good start.

Every agent can pull data from the MLS too.

It took me a minute to produce and share our listing history from the last 24 months with a seller:

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