Filmed at Paradiso in 2019:

Paradiso is a Dutch music venue and cultural centre located in Amsterdam. Originally a nineteenth-century church used by the “Vrije Gemeente” (Free Congregation), it was squatted by hippies in 1967, seeking to turn it into a leisure club. The city officially opened it as a youth entertainment center in 1968, quickly becoming a focal point for the counterculture movement and associated with the era’s rock music. Paradiso also became one of the first places where soft drug use and sales were tolerated. Over time, it has diversified its programming to include lectures, plays, classical music, and crossover artists. Some of the world’s biggest music acts, including AC/DC, Adele, David Bowie, Madonna, Nirvana, and The Rolling Stones, have performed at Paradiso. Key performances include Pink Floyd’s 1968 concert, Glen Matlock’s last gig with the Sex Pistols in 1977, and The Rolling Stones’ semi-acoustic concerts in 1995, which Keith Richards claimed were the band’s best live shows.

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