In the last couple of years, we’ve followed how many new listings happen in January.  It’s been a good indicator of what to expect for the Spring Selling Season!

Here is some historical perspective (below). I included the stats from 2009, which was the last time the sky was falling and nobody wanted to sell their house. I would gladly take those numbers now!

Leave your guess in the comment section of the number of January listings, and whoever is closest to the actual count on February 29th will receive four tickets to a Padres game in 2024!

This isn’t a fancy way for me to get your contact information and keep calling you until you buy or die. You don’t even have to leave your contact information – just check back on February 29th.

The summary of 2023 guesses:

16 Noodle
89 Momento
99 Tom
104 BWell_SoCal
111 Majeed
115 Lifeisradincbad
117 Susie
119 Beachside
120 Curtis
128 Joe
130 Rob
136 Skip
140 Haile
142 MC
146 Derek
152 Drew
158 Susan
160 doughboy
165 Kingside
174 SurfRider
175 Sciguy
186 Rob Dawg
190 Bode
200 Jeff Campbell
203 Lauren Stickelman
213 Shadash
252 Aunt Nancy
262 Eddie89
298 Nick
333 Sherman Messing

149 Median

Last year, the contest ended on February 15th, and Rob Dawg’s guess of 186 was the closest to the 182 count that day. But since mid-February, another twenty-two January listings were added – go figure! Lauren S. – you were the actual winner last year so you’ll get four tickets for this season. This year, let’s extend the contest to the last day of February before picking the winner!

The lack of choices help cause frenzy conditions. When a top-quality listing hits the market, buyers feel like this might be their only chance this month, or this year, to buy such a good match to their needs – and then the lack of transparency makes them go nutty. Comparing the new inventory this month will help us predict the rest of the selling season.

It’s going to be a wild and crazy season – and not just for the Padres!

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