I produced 166 YouTube videos on my main channel this year, and these were the best, as decided by me. All had to have 200+ views to qualify:

This is just another grandma house blowing out at $125,000 over list, which isn’t remarkable. But this is the only video ever in which I slipped and fell down:

Some of my best thoughts about the market, long-term:

The Frenzy Cruise was hot all year and a good indicator that buyers will keep paying over list price for a home they really want. It’s just a matter of how much over:

Daughter Natalie had the time of her life touring football stadiums in America with Karol G this summer:

Natalie is in the Rose Parade tomorrow!

She will be dancing in the Grand Finale with Jordin Sparks but will also be featutred with other performers during the parade, starting at 8am Monday!

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