The grifting at the San Diego Association of Realtors continues to unwind, and as a result, I have switched back to being a member at the North San Diego County Association of Realtors.

Rob wrote a blog post about the original swindler, Mike Mercurio, who embezzled over a million dollars while being CEO of the SDAR. His article caused insiders to respond to him with even more details, including the involvement of Mercurio’s replacement Cory Sheppard, who used to be the general manager of Coldwell Banker West.

And then when you think it couldn’t get any more slimy, it turns out that Cory still feels for CB. Rob asks:

Furthermore, in the video, you say to Peter Mendiola, President of Coldwell Banker West, that you want to do everything you need to do to support him and CBW and its agents over an “extended period of time.” To which Peter adds, “Like forever?” And you both laugh… seemingly in agreement… then you add, “For as long as you want.” Would you clarify to your members who are not with Coldwell Banker West how they should understand that statement? How can they be assured that there will be no favoritism shown to your former company and former agents since you agreed to do everything you can to support them “for as long as you want” which might in fact be “forever”? And how can your members trust you given the fact that this video was sent to CBW agents on May 2nd, while the rest of the membership didn’t know jack diddly until August?

The situation reeks of favoritism and outright theft, and you would think that criminal charges should be forthcoming. In the meantime, I’m not going to have anything to do with them.

If you have any insider information, contact Rob. Here is his latest blog post on the subject with one bombshell after another:

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