Because there are pending class-action lawsuits that intend to “decouple” the commissions, home buyers will soon be paying their buyer-agent directly for their services. Here are questions to ask to make sure you Get Good Help:

How many homes have you sold in the last 12 months, and what is the mix between buyers and sellers?

What is your specialty?

How much do you charge?

Will I be working with you, or your assistants?

When representing a buyer, how would you describe a successful sale?

What is your strategy for winning a bidding war?

How can I avoid a bidding war?

What do you offer your buyer clients who are out-of-state?

What are your tips on financing?

What makes you better than your competitors?

What do you do to make sure I don’t buy a lemon?

Can you get me an off-market deal?

Will you sell me your hot new listings before putting them on the open market?

What do realtors do?

Do we have a written contract between us?

How long will it take to find a home to buy?

Do you utilize video?

How much of a discount can I expect off the list price?

If I find the home, do you discount your fee?

Can we contact a couple of your recent buyers?

What is your best general advice for buyers?

Add your other questions in the comment section!

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