Strategy? Slow-motion auction? Transparent bidding? Come on, aren’t you just getting lucky?

Yeah, maybe but it’s not just the newer tract houses (creampuffs) that anybody can sell.

Yesterday we closed escrow on our freeway-adjacent all-original bungalow from 1958. No fancy kitchen, no staging, and not even a garage – it was just me and the freeway and it still closed over list.

There was some clawback demanded when the buyers discovered that the heaters didn’t work and the sewer line was plugged – which we immediately got in front of and suggested a credit instead.

Donna negotiated $9,000 as a reasonable amount, in lieu of repairs.

What’s the cost of replacing a sewer line all the way to the street? Beats me. Credit instead.


The 1961 Cadillac limo? Sold for $3,500 to a guy who has a son going into his junior year in high school.  They are going to use it for his prom car the next two years.

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