After a long stretch of nothing, we’re heading into the weekend with FIVE active listings in La Costa Valley, which should make for an exciting open-house weekend! There were rumors of an offer on the Davidson Plan 4 on Camino Serbal, and if the highest-priced listing sells first, it should give a boost to the others.

Our listing on Corte Cidro looked even better when Vista Acedera was priced at $2,275,000, and Camino Robledo was at $2,499,000. But now that both have smartly lowered their prices, it tightens the race.

Of the five contenders, we have the best backyard and the only listing with two bedroom suites downstairs so we might have an audience the others don’t. But our location is near the utility easements which might provide a challenge to those who have visceral reaction to power lines.

We don’t back to the power lines – they are off to the side – but they are visible.

I made a conscious decision to leave out photos that showed the power lines, and made no mention of them in my remarks. People can figure it out if they know the neighborhood and/or are using their Google Maps efficiently. I want people to see it in person, and then judge if they can live with it.

It is only a visual thing, because there isn’t a physical threat from power lines. The microwave oven tested 10x higher, and you don’t hear anyone tearing those out:

Less than 20 hours on the open market:

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