Our good friends Gary and Cindy sold their house in Carlsbad and moved to Scottsdale in 2020.  The house they bought in Estancia at Troon North was a super-custom 6,580sf ‘elegant-rustic’ that was painstakingly-built over five years.  Somehow, the visionary original owner wasn’t that good with finances and he got foreclosed. Our friends bought it for $1,759,000 from the bank on April 9, 2020 – just as covid was getting started.

Sensing an opportunity, they put the home on the market in July of this year for $4,725,000.  They got a lowball offer right out of the gate for $3,000,000.  But after plenty of showings, a spry 81-year old man paid $4,150,000, plus another $125,000 for the furniture, in the first month on the market. It closed on August 25th.


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