After Gregg’s funeral, Jackson wanted to play, somewhere. He went to a place called Grant’s Lounge, where everyone played back in the’70’s. Folks had a real shock that night. The talent that came there, for Gregg’s memory was amazing. Thank Jackson. That was appreciated by everyone who just happened to be there that night. Adding, being Gregg’s friend was not an easy thing for a long time. Have had some friends like that myself. Jackson is one helluva good man, will leave that there.

“I wrote ‘These Days’ before I met Gregg. He heard me play the song when we were first friends, I guess we were probably both 18,” Jackson Browne tells Blackbird about Gregg Allman in this concert clip. “The way he did that song completely changed it, I think for me and for everybody… I could write a song like that but when it came time to singing it, Gregg really gave it a kind of graveness and gravity that the song can hold.”

Relive the magic of Gregg and Jackson performing “These Days” together for the first time:

Please don’t confront me with my failures, I am aware of them.

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