There were five new Encinitas Ranch listings that launched last week. All had open houses last weekend, and it was busy (I saw three).

It’s probably not surprising to hear that the two that went pending were the lowest-priced listings.  The 3,501sf house was a one-story and on the golf course too, so their reasonable $2,500,000 list price was very attractive. The seller had talked to five Compass agents, and he told me that he wanted $4,000,000.  Hopefully he got over $3,000,000?

I heard one buyer say that he was tired of the big rush in the beginning, where buyers throw crazy money at the seller. He said that he was going to hold back, and see if it happens here.

It was feeling more…..normal. Dare I say?

Darin and I are buddies so I don’t think he’d mind if we tour his listing of 649 Cypress Hills:

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