Last night

Today is Kayla’s 30th birthday!

The stories started early last night, and the favorite was her memory of us going to Disneyland when she was a kid, and waiting in line for autographs from a boy band who was playing that week.

Before we got to the front of the line, they shut down the signings – and Kayla was crushed.

That night, she talked me into taking her back, just so she could get her autographs. Over Mom’s objections, we returned the next day and she got what she wanted!

She is equally determined to stay in Manhattan for the duration, and make it as a realtor.  She had two sales set up for closing next week, which would have been a new record for her.

But one of the sales just got delayed because the seller didn’t feel like moving until middle of August.  Because the sale was in a co-op building where the owners have to approve of the new buyer, the purchase contract (authored by attorneys) doesn’t specify a closing date due to the uncertainty of the approval process.

It’s part of Kayla’s job as buyer’s agent to submit a ‘board package’ so they can review the buyers and their financials, which she did well in advance and got it approved. But without a closing date set in advance like we do it in California, her buyers will have to wait another month before moving in, which was fine – but different!

Happy Birthday Kayla – it is my life’s joy to be your Daddy! I love you!

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