FreedomCM asked if people who attend the open house have to self-certify that they have been vaccinated.  This is the new form (above), which – like the previous form – just wants you to state that you don’t think you have the bug.

It is a thinly-disguised way for the agent to get your phone/email, and then contact you until you buy or die.  It doesn’t state that you have to divulge your phone/email, and if the agent insists and you don’t want them to bug you, then give them this number: 704-482-0022.

One of the crazy things that have happened since running this blog occured last year when I posted a copy of the original covid form for all to see. A lady in Northern California (who wasn’t an agent) came across it and began using it to schedule appointments to see houses for sale!  My name was at the bottom, and a listing agent called to see if this person worked for me. I’ll delete this in a couple of days!


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