Hat tip to DB for sending in this article/trailer:

New documentary, ‘Some Kind of Heaven’ explores the dark underside of America’s largest retirement community known as ‘The Villages’ in central Florida with a notorious swingers scene.  The community was designed to be a manicured fantasy land for seniors aged 55+ ; grandchildren and visitors under the age minimum are strictly prohibited to visit for more than 30 calendar days.

  • It’s dubbed ‘the Disneyland for retirees’ because the neighborhoods are designed like a theme park to imitate old town squares, complete with make-believe histories; residents say its like living in a ‘bubble’
  • The developers own a TV channel, multiple radio stations and newspaper that only prints positive news
  • Critics say The Villages are like a creepy Stepford cult for Baby Boomers with Orwellian-like rules that are dictated by an elusive family worth billions of dollars
  • According to the US Census, The Villages is the fastest growing metro in the United States where the population rose by 37.8% between 2010-2019;  homes cost between $100K to $1million
  • The Villages is larger than the size of Manhattan and covers 32 square miles of property with 130,000 residents, five zip codes, 50 golf courses, 100 rec centers, 11 dog parks, 14 supermarkets
  • There are 2,700 social and recreational clubs for residents that include one for: singles, Beatlemaniacs, synchronized swimming, softball, cheerleading and retired CIA members
  • The Villages were ‘designed to hide all of the problems of everyday life’ says first time documentarian, Lance Oppenheim – his film follows the lives of four seniors that live on the fringe of the fantasy


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